What is it ? why is it so dangerous?

The comfort zone refers to a moment in our lives where we feel secure comfortable and we dont want to make any changes since we feel satisfied with having our basic needs covered, we have a routine and we do the same activities in the same schedule.

It is very quiet to be in the comfort zone because we avoid any risk, dangerous situations or facing any fear or situation that could make us feel anxiety.

We are not talking just about a safe place but a psychological state as well, this mental state of feeling secure and comfortable even though its good to feel like that, some people have taken this state as an excuse for not growing as a person or professionally, not even to improve or to be happy doing what they really want, theyre just being simple observers of their own life.

This may happen due to:

In your childhood you learned some mistaken beliefs that you still believe in, such as: I cant, Im not able to, I dont have to strength to...

When you were developing your personality. Your family, social or cultural environment influenced you to have limiting beliefs.

Heartbreaking experiences in life makes us create restricting feelings that makes us to be afraid of changes and risks.

Negative feelings about ourselves like comparing to others and judging ourselves in such a way that, it could make us feel incapable to move on.

Out of the comfort zone magical and interesting things happen. But you are the only one who can make that decision to be out of the comfort zone to really leave and face your fears. It shouldnt be a traumatic experience. On the contrary, leaving the comfort zone its something fascinating and exciting where you prove to yourself how you can overcome your own limits and find out how brave you are and how you could achieve that you thought you couldnt before but now you realize that it was very easy and this makes you feel full of adrenaline and energy.

Now you are more happy and you are ready to overcome the next fear or life goal that you have on the list.

In the next post Ill give you 7 keys to leave comfort zone and start living the life that is really life.


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