Guatavita Lagoon is a really interesting place to visit, where we'll learn about the legend of EL DORADO. It has also been one of the most popular places near Bogota to visit.

How can I get there?

From Bogota to Guatavita Lagoon is about 3 hours, is really easy to get there, after you arrive in North Satellite Terminal in front of Portal Norte de Transmilenio you gonna buy a bus ticket for 10.000 COP (3.00 US) to Laguna de Guatavita, remember the top view of the Lagoon is about 20 minutes from the small town and the cost is 15.000 COP Colombians and foreing is 19.000 COP (4.50 US) there you can take amazing photos, after that you return to the village you would try the typical food, see historic buildings and of course you will go down and see closer the lagoon. By the way, the horse ride is optional and for me is a very short ride.

Is it worth visiting Guatavita?

Yes, it is a worthy place to visit, especially if you're in Bogota, I am gonna be really honest, this is a gorgeous place to visit, it isn't expensive trip and if you like the ecological plan to walk and take great nature pics Guatavita is for you, for me the best thing is a day plan so you can go and back to Bogota in the same day or much better, Gutavita could be the first stop before you visit another little town in Cundinamarca-Colombia, yes, after you visit Gutavita there are other great places to visit, for instance, Villa de Leyva which is about two hours from Guatavita, we're gonna talk about in another post.

What can you do in Guatavita? Well, you'll walk for about half an hour, until you get the top view of the lake, take great pictures and of course during the walk you'll see El Paramoit has beautiful mountains where you can breathe clean air and see stanger flowers that you can take pictures really close to them.

After you see the top view of the lake you can go to the little town and enjoy the typical and delicious food. I recommend Ajiaco it is a kind of soup that really tastes good and the Mojarra, which is very crunchy, rice and patacones, is a great dish to try. Then you can walk around the nice buildings and see the lagoon closer. Thus, you can walk around the lake and see a different view of the lagoon.

Enjoy Guatavita...


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