Traveling is not a matter of having money, but about having courage, the desire to live and enjoy the journey through life.

Here, Ill give you some practical tips that will help you enjoy to the fullest your trip with less.

You just need to have a good budget to meet incredible cities in Europe.

The three main travelers expenses are: transportation, lodging and food. Lets start with the first one.


  • When it comes to transportation start by searching for flights with three or four months of anticipation, that is the best you can do.
  • You should also keep in mind which is the best season. That is to say when the flights are cheaper. However, the cold season is not everybodys friend, for that reason to me the best season would be spring ( by the end of February and beginning of May) it can be a little rainy, but youll have amazing pictures as well.
  • Usually, the cheapest flights are very early in the morning or at night but if you can make it , the round trip flight at night, you can save one hotel night. Spending the night in the airports, it is something very common for travelers like us, you can find some of them in the airport, with a blanket which is always a good idea to carry one with you since it will also act as a neck support during the flights.
  • Be flexible with the travel dates, this can make possible to find good prices.
  • Skyscanner is my favorite searcher, I highly recommend to set an alert, so that you may get notifications every day about how the prices are changing and in that way you can book yours.
  • When you get to your destination, riding a bicycle can be a good option so you can save money, time and you can get to know more places.


  • Regarding accommodation, nowadays you will find it for free, yes, you heard it. Free! Currently cultural interchange and the ideology of being open minded has helped us to find more options.
  • One of these options its called couchsurfing. You can get one or two nights for free its main goal is the cultural interchange. Even though some people do not trust that much in it. You can be more confident knowing that you will have to register on the site, answer some questions and after being evaluated you will get an approval. In that way you and the family that is offering the couch for you to spend the night, theyll know more about you and you will know more about them.
  • There is another app that I love and Ive tried a lot. It is Hostelworld, in this app you will find hostels for every preference, through comments and users ratings, you can find the best for you. This is a very cheap option.
  • One option recommended by many types of travelers is Airbnb , there are so many interesting places and hosts are usually very helper, theyll guide you with information besides theyll tell you which are the places of tourist interest, you can even meet hosts that will give you something to eat or something to cook.


  • Something that will help you saving money is visiting the street food places, as I mentioned in the previous blogs, you should go to the most crowded places and make sure those places are hygienic, many people think those places are not trustworthy however they offer the most traditional food.
  • Stay hydrated. To do this every traveler should carry its own water bottle or thermos which you can refill at every opportunity that you find drinking fountains and in the hostels. Besides in many tourist sites you will find coffee what is perfect to have a good tour day.
  • A good option that has helped me a lot is keeping snacks with me such as peanuts, almonds and any type of candies to keep eating during the day.
  • Have breakfast and take something to eat during the day like a sandwich this will help us to avoid paying a food in a restaurant that could cost nearly 20 to 35 dollars. At the end of the day youll see you saved money from a food. Of course the idea is not to starve since we could get sick and ruin our adventure.


  • Working during a trip, this topic has very different points of view, since some travelers think working would not be part of their trip and they dont want to spend time working while on the trip.
  • This matter can depend on how much time you have for traveling. If you have some months ahead you got the option to work as a volunteer since with this option you can have lodging and food guaranteed in exchange for a couple of hours working. Which is good because you will have the chance to meet the places, the culture and its interesting people.
  • Also try travelling light in that way you dont have to pay for hold baggage or extra cost. This is a huge saving.
  • Plan beforehand the places you want to visit in this way you will know the places that are of free admission and which specific day.

Remember the most difficult limits to overcome are the ones we put to ourselves For that leave your comfort zone. Even though travel agencies are good, there is nothing better than creating your adventure and enjoy from beginning to end.

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