Types of Travelers

Thinking about traveling, are you considering going alone? on the other hand, traveling alone is a great experience. On the other hand, there are some people who want to travel in a group, could be friends or family. Sometimes it is hard to find the right person to share your trip. As we know, nobody is perfect but it is great to share your trip with someone who makes a good match with you.


Remember there are thousands of travelers. In this list, we have the most common ones. In my adventures, I had the pleasure to meet some of them and I learned so much of each one.

lonely traveler:

These kinds of travelers prefer to go by themselves on a trip. They enjoy making their own decisions and go wherever they want.

Digital traveler:

Wherever these travelers go, they take a lot of pics and share immediately on their social media. Every step is known by their followers.

Cultural traveler:

They enjoy visiting all the museums and every cultural or historic place. These travelers don't hesitate to spend money in any cultural place.

Shopping traveler:

These travelers love going to fancy malls, spend money in good restaurants and buy some fashionable clothes or technology.

Luxury travelers:

These travelers have a good budget to stay in 4 or 5 stars and prefer to enjoy their hotel. Usually, these travelers prefer to take private tours. It is a fancy trip.

Low-cost traveler:

I love this kind of traveler. I belong to this group actually, These travelers save as much money as they can, for instance, they prefer Hostals than hotels not only because it is low-cost but also we can find so many new friends from different parts of the earth. There are some travelers who prefer to save money not going to some museums it is up to them.

Business traveler:

wow these travelers have a great advantage. They don't have to pay anything for their trip but they must work so they don't have enough time because of their work.

Organized travelers:

These travelers have everything under control, they have been planning their trip since months ago when it's time to the trip they already know where they are going and when they might go or pack for the next stop. I think being organized is great even though sometimes the surprise factor makes the adventure more interesting.

Lazy travelers:

These travelers are completely opposite to the organized travelers. They wait until the last minute to complete their budget and they don't have any idea where they are going because they don't like planning anything.

Drunk travelers:

These guys think they are so cool although I think some beers are really good and necessary. It's not so cool when some people have to be drunk all the time instead of enjoying the places and great pics.

off course we can forget about the Beginner travelers

Beginner travelers All of us were beginners one day. On their first trip, these kinds of travelers are so careful and warned about themselves, a little bit afraid about everything but at the same time, they are so happy and ready for the next trip they are experts now!




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